Kinn Bryggeri hiring a Lead Brewer

The brewery was founded in 2009 in Florø by the passionate and renowned homebrewer, Espen Lothe, and his wife Ann-Magritt and is still family owned and independent. The brewery is still growing and have become one of the most well-known craft beer brands in Norway. Kinn is primarily focusing on Belgian and British beer styles and is one of the few breweries in the region that utilizes open fermenters and bottle conditioning. The company is today operating from two locations, our brewpub “Vesle Kinn” that also houses our barrel aging program, and our production facility located on the outskirts of town. 

Due to one of our staff members deciding to return to Austria we have a vacancy at Kinn Bryggeri. We are looking to fill the role with a Lead Brewer.

Ideally the candidate will be responsible for the brewhouse and cellar. This would mean:

* Managing staffing of cellar and brewhouse

* Discussing packaging and production with the packaging manager and production manager – this also means potentially helping with packaging when the packaging manager is away

* Responsible for brewing on the 40hl PSS brewhouse

* Maintenance of the brewhouse and programming of the brewhouse

* General cellar management

* Checking the water chemistry of the steam generator

* Check that there are enough raw ingredients for the weeks brews

* Basic knowledge of classic beer styles, specifically British, Belgian and continental European

* In addition it may be required to represent the company at some events in Norway from time to time

As this role is in Norway it is not expected that you speak Norwegian (or a related language) a willingness to learn would be beneficial. The company as is has a 50/50 split of English and Norwegian. Anything that is needed to be ordered or taken in Norwegian will generally be fixed by a Norwegian speaker or by the Production Manager – unless the candidate is comfortable in a Nordic language. 

The brewery is located in Florø, a small town on the west coast of Norway, -just 4 hours drive to Bergen and 1 hour by plane to Oslo. There are many possibilities for hiking, kayaking, fishing etc. Due to the location of the brewery we are looking more for someone who will fit in with the company and the culture. While not being in the far north, the darkness in winter and the rural way of life in western Norway has been an issue for some of our previous staff so there will be a weighted emphasis on fitting in with the culture and way of life in the recruitment process.

Questions about the position can be directed to: 
General Manger and owner: 
Espen Lothe e-mail: TEL: +47 47933191 
Production manager: 
Andrew Rathband e-mail: TEL +47 97342389

To apply please send your CV and cover letter to by the 25.4.23

Important note: Only applicants with the right to work in Norway or the EU will be considered. For UK nationals it is possible to get a work permit but this can take upto 4 months and is highly dependent on your background.

Publisert: 12.04.2023 12:58