Like most other websites nowadays, uses so-called "cookies" to enhance visitors' experience. Cookies are text files that are added to your browser's internal memory whenever you visit the site or otherwise interact with it. New legislation and new EU regulations regarding collection of personal data and protection of privacy mean many web users are wondering just what cookies are. Here are some details about our use of cookies on the website.

The Act relating to Electronic Communication requires Kinn Bryggeri to advise visitors that cookies are in use. Norway's "cookie clause" reads as follows:

Section § 2-7b Use of cookies Storage of information in the user's communications device, or obtaining access to such information, is prohibited except when the user is informed about the information that is processed, the purpose of processing it, who processes the information, and grants consent to do so. The first sentence shall not prevent technical storage or access to information that:


"Cookies" are a standard technology used by almost all websites nowadays. A cookie is a small text file that is placed in your browser's cache memory, enabling us to analyse the filters you select and the products you display. That means we get statistics enabling us to align the website better with visitor interest. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can adjust the settings to deny use of cookies. Most websites will not function properly if you do not allow cookies. Like most other websites, we compile statistics automatically which are saved to our log files on our servers. Details include such data as IP addresses, browser type, ISP broadband provider, operating system, date and time of visit, and certain navigation data.

The information compiled may be used to analyse trends so we can improve our website for the benefit of visitors. The data compiled will only be used within our organisation, and will never be shared with any third party or persons outside Kinn Bryggeri. No data is stored that could be used to identify you personally.